Benirras, Ibiza


Sat high in the hills next to wild woodlands, this new house takes its inspiration from the hill farms of northern Ibiza, where gradual additions by different generations have created an informal arrangement of buildings and courtyards. Planned on a 4.5-metre grid to suit the maximum size of a one-piece double-glazed window unit, the new house is arranged so that all the motorised floor-to-ceiling windows can slide into wall pockets. In good weather, the house is effectively windowless, transformed into a series of covered spaces and removing any distinction between inside and out. The house is arranged to cool itself passively with cross ventilation, ponds and opening rooflights. The windows are positioned to take advantage of the stunning 180-degree views over the northern Ibizan terrain, with the living space looking north-west towards a distant sea view framed by hills. A sunken outside sitting area with fireplace takes advantage of the setting sun.